July 12th, 2010


Closing Down SALE


Well unfortunately I'm saying goodbye to Peachypan, but going out on a bang with 50% off everything! So if you want to grab a bargain, now is your chance :)

Now to answer the 'why' question....

I'm closing peachypan with a sad heart, but an optimistic head! It's been one fun, tough, major learning experience and I'm so glad to have had so much support in doing it! It's been my baby and to close the doors is truly sad, but I've reached this point where my whole heart isn't in peachypan anymore. I'm loving life, I'm drawing lots more, I'm living in a beautiful coastal place and I'm doing disability support work and have a really nice boyfriend and really nice friends :) I've learnt so much from Peachypan, and I'm so glad all those years ago when I was sitting in Japan, sketching up the first images of peachypan I decided to take on the mission of opening my own shop!

So it's with a tear in my eye, but a smile about all the fun new projects to come, that I say sayonara to peachypan!

THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT everyone and I hope you continue to follow my whacky adventures..